Dj Shuga

Hi I’m Dj Shuga, this is the house that Shuga Built. So let’s Rock

Vinyl DJ in 96 spinning hard house hard trance and old school trance then in Derby, Nottingham and Brixton academy.

Came away from the scene for a 10yr break where I step back into to vocal deep baseline house on which I met the girl of my dreams in a club called the 101 club where I was DJing and married her 10yrs later with 2 beautiful daughters.

Now I spin all genres of house from vocal / deep/ baseline/tech and old club classics
Play at Fat Cats bar/club spinning house classics in the summer with Spectrum of house vinyl sessions 🎧🎧

Still play my roots of progressive/hard trance and of course legendary old school hard house.

Played for Undercoverfm / LionsRadio.uk. I’m 55, 56 this year and still rave like it’s 1999.

Joined LDP Radio as they are the most closest nit family of DJs I have ever met; the craftsmanship is second to none and I’m glad to be part of this team and play for them where ever we are needed.

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