Paul Bagley

Paul started off playing vinyl back in 1992 and from the outset had a love of all things house and trance. Since then Paul has gradually started to embrace the digital transformation of music. Fast forward a few years and Paul has dusted off his decks to put some new and refreshing mixes out there that he hopes people will enjoy.

Paul currently has a weekly radio show on Chocolate Radio (https://www.chocolate-radio.co.uk) where he plays on a Wednesday from 3PM until 6PM. This show sees Paul playing a range of soutful house and house.

Paul recently made a guest appearance on LDP Radio and will be back in future for the occassional show.

When he is not DJing, Paul is also part of the management team for an up and coming promoter called KRM (Short for Kitchen Raving Misbehaving) which, much like LDP Radio, was formed as a result of the lockdown in 2020.

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