Joe Varni

With over 18 years of radio experience, Joe Varni has played at some of the best venues around the world. Joe Varni appeared as a guest DJ for the official launch of LDP Radio on 29th January 2021. Watch this space for future appearances from Joe Varni, on LDP Radio in the near future.

Joe Varni Walker is a London based DJ, Producer and radio host. Over the past 20 years, Joe Varni has become an integral part of the House music scene thanks to his unique and crowd-pleasing style.

During his career as a DJ, Joe has played at some of the most recognised clubs around the world.

Joe has played in London clubs including EggLondon, Ministry of Sound, ElectronicSessions boat parties London, Pacha London, Proud Camden and Warehouse London.

joe varni DJing at EGG London
Joe Varni DJing at EGG London

As well as DJing at some of the most well known London clubs, Joe has also played at some of the top clubs in Ibiza, including Delano Beach Bar @ Bora Bora, ElectronicSessions boat parties, Space and Amnesia.

Over the years Joe Varni has worked alongside many of the most influential events organisers and promoters in the House Music scene, including DeepMotion, ElectronicSessions, Together, WeLove Sundays, Maisonn, Pure Pacha and Saturday Sessions (Ministry of Sound).

Joe Varni specialises in Tech House & Techno, crafting each and every set with acute attention to detail, aiming to take the listener on a unique journey of music discovery.

Aside from DJing at events and nightclubs, Joe Varni has also established himself as a successful radio show host. To this end, Joe has been a longtime resident DJ on Centreforce, as well as appearing as a guest DJ on the popular underground music station Unity DAB, Select FM and of course the one and only LDP Radio.

Over the past 20 years, Joe Varni has used his experience to cement himself into the House music scene, creating his own brand “Move The House” and more recently going on to produce his own music – releasing his first track “Techno Kids (Original Mix)” in 2019 alongside Underground House Music Producers Tenacious.

Joe Varni appeared as a special guest DJ at the LDP Radio launch party on 29th January 2021, streaming live from Pirate studios.

Joe Varni’s guest appearance at the launch of LDP Radio

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