A collective of 3 DJ's (Articulate, Fabricate & Pazza) from the South Coast of England.
Formed in February 2020 due to the constant enjoyment of mixing alongside each other and the ability to bounce off each other and create special atmospheres in the dance.

Fabian Lodder is from the South Coast of England and in February 2020 formed RAWCUS, alongside fellow DJs Stephen Dadswell (Articulate) and Gavin Parrett (Pazza). The three DJs originally teamed up after finding that they worked so well alongside each other and were able to seamlessly “bounce off of one another” to create an extremely vibrant set and really get the listeners going. Due to their constant enjoyment of mixing alongside each other in this fashion, they decided to form RAWCUS with a view to creating special atmospheres in the dance scene.

Each DJ has their own knowledge as well as preferred genres which allows them to cover a wide-ranging musical experience for the listeners when they are collaborating alongside each other as part of RAWCUS. Whether they are playing in the club, on Facebook or online via LDP Radio, these guys know how to hit hard and their enthusiasm and high tempo beats are contagious!

RAWCUS are particularly well known for their high energy mixes which are full of diversity but on top of that, they are also known for their undying love of all things music, especially drum and bass.

Aside from drum and bass, RAWCUS also dabble in other genres; primarily 140 and garage but on occassion Lo-Fi Hiphop, Tech house, Garage, Bassline, Dubstep, Disco, Funk and Soul.

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