Ekippe is a musical partnership between French DJ AR.IA and Sammy Aylott. The unlikely friendship was struck when a keen passion for music was discovered as so Ekippe was born.

Being known for always picking the right tune to get everyone dancing, Sammy has an ear for tunes that make you feel like summertime and sharing them with anyone who will listen. On their show, you will hear tracks with samples from across the globe taking you travelling from your own home to places where the sun is shining.

Sammy’s passion for discovering new artists is contagious and she loves nothing more than to eagerly share this with her musical partner in crime, AR.IA.

AR.IA is a London based digger & DJ. After organizing parties and playing in Parisian clubs, he moved to London and started a new minimal and melodic-micro music project. He’s known as a true digger who spends countless hours finding the new big tune, uncovering rare dancefloor gems with such a unique approach. His music is something aerial and emotive; a Mania.

Both of them wanted to create on LDP Radio on very unique show, mixing dance tunes and happiness in order to make you dance and laugh.

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