Andrea Godin

Andrea Godin is a house DJ with many years of experience. As well as being a successful DJ, Andrea is also a singer, songwriter, music producer and also has strong credentials when it comes to live performance.

Andrea has a long list of musical releases, foreign tours with well-known bands, and songs that have been broadcast on television and radio around the world.

Throughout her career, she has worked with famous chart-toppers and Grammy winners, reaching as high as #7 on the Italian iTunes Dance charts.

She has assembled an exclusive powerhouse team, including dance music legend Starkillers, with whom she collaborates on several of her projects, after launching her own record label Scarlet Cartels, and sub-label Red Cartel. Her label has the coolest vibes for many different tastes, from trance to melodic house, R&B to grim and gritty pop.

Andrea also hosts her own monthly DJ mix show, called New & Wild, which features the most up-to-date and wild house and techno tracks. The show is broadcast on more than 90 radio stations around the world, including DASH Radio and Mix 93 FM in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more from this young Canadian talent, who has a steady schedule of releases planned.

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