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Dolly Rockers

Dolly Rockers are Internationally respected DJs, prolific producers of House music and widely loved radio hosts. Looking at the long list of accolades Dolly Rockers have under their belt; you can’t help but be impressed. They have been well-known in the house music scene for such a long time that their name has become engrained in the culture.
Dolly Rockers

Today Dolly Rockers currently host a weekly slot on the most well-known House music radio station in the UK – Centreforce – entertaining listeners every Friday between 6-9pm. As well as their weekly slot, they have a jam-packed schedule playing in clubs throughout the UK and around the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dolly Rockers are also responsible for producing many well-known House Music tracks – sometimes under their own name and sometimes under the alias Odyssey Inc.

How Dolly Rockers came about

Prior to the existence of Dolly Rockers DJ collaborative, Mark Jones and Paul Gullefer (Real name Johnny Olley) were respected on the UK house scene in their own right. The two met up in the early 90s when Mark Jones was hosting Dolly Rocker Balls – classy “strict dress-code” parties that were held in exhibition halls and other unusual venues. Paul Gullefer started off attending these parties as a guest but shortly after became a resident DJ for them.

The Balls ran right up until the beginning of 2010 when the momentum finally died down and rather than let the name go, Mark and Paul decided to shorten it to Dolly Rockers and form their DJ collaborative.

Ever since then, the two have made for the perfect team with Paul bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm to the table and Mark bringing his incredible encyclopedic knowledge of House music.

Dolly Rockers weren’t always successful of course, they put in untold amounts of hard work and effort to get where they are today. Along with their effort, came a few lucky breaks. Arguably their biggest (and most pivotal) break was their release of “One Day” – a collaboration with @It.

We did the track and put it out and one day someone sent us a video click of Eric Morillo playing it in Space. That got us a lot of attention and we could feel the interest growing. Paul Gullefer

Dolly Rockers have enthused crouds around the world with their energetic mix of House, Tech House, Deep House, Indie Dance, Progressive and Bumpy Tech House vibes. They have an extensive list of clubs and venues from around the world where they have held residences, some of which are listed below.

Past Residencies

  • Dove club paddocks (89-91)
  • Dungeons (89-92)
  • Bagleys Kings Cross (89-92)
  • The Dolly Rockers Ball (94-2012) (Connaught Rooms Bloomsbury Ballroom, Camden Town Hall)
  • Orgasm warehouse partys (88-90)
  • Plush the Funk (2013-18)
Dolly Rockers


Past Radio Shows

  • Sunrise
  • Supreme FM
  • Dance UK
  • Touch FM
  • Shine 879
  • Unknown
  • Select UK
  • Funky SX
  • Select UK Radio

Social Media

Dolly Rockers DJ Tracks



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