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LDP Radio

If you keep getting logged out of the chatbox and fix it hard to log back in, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Detach the radio widget from the website.

NOTE: This step only needs to be done once, when you start listening to the radio. Once you have completed step 1, it will be very easy to refresh the chatbox if you get logged out due to inactivity.

This will allow the radio to keep playing even if you change pages on the website. To do this, simply click on the “detach” icon on the radio widget – see the screenshot below for details.

step 1a

Once you have clicked on the “Detach” button, the radio widget will open in a new window – on desktops and laptops you will see a small radio widget pop up in front of the website and on mobile devices, you will see the radio widget open up in a new tab.

Click on the “Play” button on this new radio widget in order to begin playing the radio.

step 1b

If you are using a mobile device, once you have clicked on the widget pop-out and then pressed play, you can navigate back to the website (Where the chatbox is located) but clicking on the “tab” icon on your mobile browser and then selecting the website tab.

step 1c

By following this procedure, you will now have the radio widget running in a separate window (or tab) to the website and you can now browse the website and use the chatbox without disturbing the radio connection.

Step 2: Refreshing the page when the chatbox logs you out

NOTE: For security reasons, the chatbox will temporarily log you out, if you are inactive for 5 minutes or more – this includes navigating away from your web browser when using a mobile device. However, you can easily log back in by following the below guide.

When the chatbox times out due to inactivity, it will show a “Reconnect” button. Don’t click on this button. Instead, click on the browser refresh icon at the top of the page.

Clicking on the browser refresh icon will cause the page to reload and then you will be automatically logged back into the chatbox.

step 2

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